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Cloud based, reliable and easy to use

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Crewdentials for Crew

Professional crew, recreational boaters

Free forever

The last onboarding form you'll ever have to complete!

Simply scan your certificates and documents to extract the data

Share your docs and data with anyone and keep all of your connections updated from one place

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Crewdentials for Managers

Managers, pursers, employers, recruiters

Your own self service portal, out of the box!

Verify crew certificates

Automate your data input and maintenance

Your data protection obligations, simplified

Handy tools like IBAN validation, contract auto-population, AIS tracking and more

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Coming soon

Crewdentials for Issuers

Maritime administrations, training providers

Issue electronic certificates with ease

Modernise your historic records

Provide a simple way for anyone to verify documents you have issued

No more EXCEL spreadsheets!

Real feedback

Customer testimonials

It is such a helpful tool to keep a record of all the many certificates and documents we need as crew

Auto scan of certificates was insanely accurate, even with less than ideal photos

It is amazing! There is a gap in the market for this and we NEED it!

Helps speed up completion of lengthy forms that almost every company requires when applying for jobs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my data?

Your data is always encrypted in transit and at rest. Multi factor authentication is compulsory for every account.

Do you share or sell my data?

We will never share or sell your data to third parties.

Is it an app?

Crewdentials is not available on the app stores - instead it can be used on any device with a web browser as a PWA!

Can you verify certificates?

We provide everything required for a manager to verify a certificate, although we don't automatically verify certificates with issuers just yet - this feature will be available soon in a future release.

What if I want to share my documents with someone who doesn't have a Crewdentials account?

No problem! You can share your credentials with anyone outside of our platform by generating a unique link.

Can I try the certificate scanner?

Give our impressive certificate scanner a go here!

Can you build custom integrations?

We're extremely flexible and love to build new features and integrations to existing systems into our products! Talk to us about your requirements.

Do you offer customer support?

Great customer support is at the core of our business - we're here 24/7 in case you need us.

Can I have a trial before I subscribe?

We offer everyone a free trial and guided tour of our platform to make sure it's the best fit for you. Just contact us.

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