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Our story

Crewdentials was born from personal experience of a deep frustration with the lack of standardisation or interoperability of seafarer information between systems and stakeholders.  The result being repeated duplication and entry of crew information into numerous systems: rarely verified, and rarely kept up to date. 

We knew that there must be a better way to manage seafarer information.  After all - there really is only one true and current version of this information.

Our vision

We are delivering software solutions and tools with the common aim of creating a digital present and future: every seafarer with their qualifications, experience and skills held in a single digital profile.

Enabling every stakeholder to have easy access to accurate, verified and standardised information which can be relied upon.

The result will be an industry which is more secure and efficient, with higher standards of compliance and data integrity.

The Founding Team

The founding trio have the perfect blend of experience within maritime compliance, legal, data protection, coding, user experience and customer support to deliver top end solutions to our customers.

Dan Armsden
Dan Armsden
Chief Executive Officer
Ellen Armsden
Ellen Armsden
Chief Operations Officer
James Benns
James Benns
Chief Technology Officer


August 2019

The Crewdentials concept was born - and ideas bounced around with our industry peers.

January 2020

Our Proof of Concept - we achieved what many said was impossible, the ability for a system to decipher maritime certificates based on coding logic.

February 2020

Co-Founder - shortly after delivering our POC, James agreed to join us as a co-founder.

March 2020

Incorporation - the business was officially formed here in Guernsey.

August 2020

Crew solution launched - soft launch of our first product, a digital wallet for crew to store, manage and share their credentials.

October 2021

Business solution launched - and first paying client secured

January 2022

Team Crewdentials - with a bit of investment & revenue behind us, we started to build up the team.

October 2022

Accelerator time - we were selected as one of only seven maritime startups (from over 1,000) to join the inaugural Plug & Play APAC maritime sustainability accelerator programs.

November 2022

Véyaon Awards x2 - We were over the moon to have won both awards we were shortlisted for; Innovation in Technology sponsored by PwC and Disrupter of the Year sponsored by C5 Alliance.

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What our customers say

It is amazing! There is a gap in the market for this and we NEED it!


Auto scan of certificates was insanely accurate, even with less than ideal photos.


It is such a helpful tool to keep a record of all the many certificates and documents we need as crew.


Helps speed up completion of lengthy forms that almost every company requires when applying for jobs.

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