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Your credentials in one place. For free, for life

Fed up with retrieving qualifications from multiple places, or forgetting an expiry date?

We've got your back

We'll email you in advance of your certificates expiring, keeping all your data encrypted and secure, ready to share when you want.

Keep your credentials centralised and organised in your Crew profile, sync them with your connections, like PayPal for credentials.

Ease of use

Nobody likes profiling 10+ certificates, so we built some tech to automate that for you, it's pretty clever, check it out!

Expiry reminders

When does my medical fitness certificate expire?

Does my STCW Personal Survival Techniques need revalidating?

We take care of all this for you!

Once uploaded sit back and relax, we'll notify you when you need to take action.

Everything in one place

Store and manage all your career related information:

Certificates, CVs, references, contracts, payslips, insurance, travel documents... anything you'd like to keep track of and access easily.

Like PayPal?

That's what people keep saying.

We're building business tools to enable you to sync your profile with any maritime business.Imagine being able to link your documents within seconds, rather than repeatedly searching, uploading and profiling them.


Did we say its free?

A Crew profile costs you nothing.  It’s completely free and always will be.


How can Crewdentials help me?

Crewdentials is the answer to the cries for help from all crew members and organisations that handle crew qualifications. 

For crew, we give them a Crewdentials Profile: a secure digital wallet to keep their certificates.  Neatly organised, easily accessible and with clever tools to keep them compliant throughout their career.  

For maritime organisations, Crewdentials offers a Business Workspace with a range of tools to automate all or any of your onboarding processes including data and qualification collection, verification and ongoing compliance

Taking away the admin and compliance burden to enable businesses to build relationships and crew to further their careers.

What is Crewdentials?

Crewdentials is a really clever software system that makes managing seafarer credentials simple and accurate - for both the seafarers and maritime organisations. Our aim is to be the last system you or your crew ever need to upload your data and certificates into.

Crew use a Crewdentials Profile to hold all their career related data, scan and auto profile certificates. Tools for sharing data and certificates, along with a log of where it has gone really puts crew in control of their data.

Organisations use a Crewdentials Workspace to onboard their crew, manage their qualifications and take the pain out of compliance with a host of specialist tools. Completely customisable for any use case - recruitment, management, training provider, regulators...

How do I sign up?

There are 2 main ways you can sign up for a Crewdentials Profile:

  • at
  • once you have filled in a Workflow you can choose to create a Crewdentials Profile and save the information you have submitted into your own account. That may have been the last time you ever upload your documents to a system....!
How secure is my data?

Your data is always encrypted in transit and at rest and stored in AWS servers in the EU. We build all of our products with data security as a priority

Do you share or sell my data?

We will never share or sell your data to third parties.

Is it an app?

Crewdentials is not tied to any particular device technology like Apple or Android - instead it can be used on any device with a web browser. This is called a Progressive Web App and you can find out more information about that here!

We wanted the onboarding process to be as simple as possible so didn't want to put a download barrier in the way. We will however be releasing Crewdentials Profiles into the app stores in the near future

Can I take my Profile with me?

Of course. Your Crew Profile and the data in it is yours. It is entirely independent of any business - differentiating the Crewdentials solutions from any other crew app or portal you might have used. Did we mention it was free? 

Keep your Profile throughout your career and add further data and documents as you progress. Share your documents with whoever you like.

Will you remind me of expiry dates?


We will send you email reminders about expiring qualifications. We are also working on a feature that will link you with training providers offering the courses you need, when you need them.

What if I want to share my documents with someone who doesn't have a Crewdentials account?

No problem! You can share your credentials with anyone by selecting your documents from within your Profile and sending them by email. You will have a log of what you have shared, and with who - putting you in control of your information.

What do you do with my data?

It’s your data, so the simple answer is: nothing you don’t want us to.

We take great care to secure the data in your wallet. We don’t sell your data to anyone (including advertisers). We don’t give anyone access to your data unless you tell us to (by way of sharing and connections). Details about our privacy practices can be found at

Who can see my data?

Only the people you are connected with, or have shared your details with. We do not maintain a database of crew which can be searched. Crewdentials does not access your data or Profile unless you ask us to troubleshoot or assist you in any way.

I’ve already got an account, what happens?

If you already have a Profile and connect with a business using Crewdentials, your onboarding experience will be seamless. We will auto-match your certificates with what you've been asked for, and prompt you to add any that are missing.

The organisation will appear in your Connections tab and you'll be able to see exactly what you have shared.

I’ve received an invitation

Great, this means that an organisation that you have a relationship with or are registering with would like to fill in a workflow. This could be any organisation with a need to access your data, for example a crew manager, employer or recruiter.

If you are in any doubt about why they need your data we recommend you contact them. If you are not satisfied with their answer please contact us.

What is a connection?

A connection could be recruiters, employers, managers, training providers etc. All you need to do is keep one version of your data up to date and then share it with your connections. If you update your data, your connections will be notified meaning they can update their data too.

Your connections cannot change data in your wallet but they can push documents through to you, such as employment agreements, payslips and certificates.

You can revoke access at any time.

I’d like to close my account

We will be sad to see you go, but simply contact us. Once your account is closed, your data will be stored on our back up servers for 30 days and then will be permanently deleted. Once your account is closed, your data will be stored on our back up servers for 30 days and then will be permanently deleted.

Need to manage multiple crew profiles?

Check out our Crewdentials workspace, perfect for anyone managing crew from onboard or ashore.


Crew profile

Learn more about how we can help you stay organised and progress your career.


What crew say about us

The system is very intuitive. Uploading documents is so easy, auto-profiling the name and expiry date saves lots of time. The ability to share by email is fantastic. Top system.

Master (Unlimited)

I absolutely LOVE was a game changer keeping all my certificates in data and all organised in one location. You and the team nailed it 🙌

Chief Officer

Auto scan of certificates was insanely accurate, even with less than ideal photos

Master (3000gt)

It is such a helpful tool to keep a record of all the many certificates and documents we need as crew


Helps speed up completion of lengthy forms that almost every company requires when applying for jobs

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