Crewdentials Business

Our platform is packed full of features to digitalise your end to end crew processes. Revolutionise workflows, improve data quality and refocus on delivering exceptional client service.

Crew and Data Management

Use the platform as your data management tool, or use its features to funnel data into your existing systems.


Unlimited users
Invite external users (your clients, captains, auditors)

Data Protection

Data protection built in, by design
Reduced data transmission risk

No Downloads Required

Our technology works across all devices and doesn’t need installing or updating.
It’s designed to work over patchy internet so it’s perfect for crew at sea

Certificate Scanning

Our technology can read and understand certificates, creating digital data to drive verification workflows and expiry date notifications


Collect all the data and documents you need in one request: personal information, certificates, career history and more

Data kept up to date

Invite crew to adopt their account so they can keep their data current.
Receive notifications, review, sync or dismiss each change

Document Tracking

Receive automated notifications of expiring documents (crew or vessel)

Create Groups

Group vessels by any metric you choose: user, fleet, owner, location.
Allow external access per vessel

Vessel Management

Manage vessel documentation such as registration and insurance certificates. Track your vessels via AIS. Receive renewal reminders

Free for Crew... for life!

Crewdentials crew wallets are free for crew to use throughout their career.
Crew take their profile with them between businesses and vessels

Qualification Verification

Verify certificates at the touch of a button

Productivity tools

Perfect for Employers, Managers and Pursers.

Document generation

Set contract defaults (notice, probation) according to each employer's policies
Create contracts and other documents, pulling current system data, at the push of a button

Collaboration tools

Distribute employer specific HR documents to crew (handbooks, onboard policies, MLC guidance)
Collaborate on employment agreements with external users
Customisable onboarding

Payroll checks

Salary details in one place
IBAN validation
Export crew data for cross referencing with payroll files

Reporting and Analytic tools

Trusted, accurate and up to date. Drive insightful and actionable reporting and analytics.


Report on the data that is important to you:

  • Crew documents
  • Vessel documents
  • Crew data
  • Contracts
  • and much more...


Our charts react dynamically to the current data held. Apply filters, slice and dice the data to provide the insights you need

Visual insights

Rich visual representations of your data allow you to spot your risk areas and forecast peaks in business demand and workflows.

Compliance tools

Systemising our knowledge so you can benefit from it

  • Vessel and role compliance

  • Scheduling and leave management

  • Hours of Work and Rest