Crewdentials Crew

Free for Life

We feel your pain. So we built an awesome tool for you. This is not just another digital wallet though. We do the hard work for you. Build your profile once, it is yours to take with you. Update your details once and we will tell your connections.

Created with passion

Built with you at heart

A host of innovative features and benefits.
All your employment and career-related data, neatly arranged and ready to share.

We do the hard work for you

Our technology extracts key data from your uploaded certificates and makes it digital.
Update your account once and all your trusted connections will be notified.

How much does it cost me?

Crewdentials for Crew costs nothing. It’s completely free for Crew to use, and it always will be. That’s our promise to you.

Technology you can rely on anywhere

Crewdentials runs in a ‘Progressive Web App’. This means it works in any browser and all devices, but still offers a rich and familiar user experience. It’s intuitive, simple, and there’s no need to download or install anything at any time. Patchy internet connections are no problem either, so it’s ideal for crew working at sea.

Your data, your career

Build your profile once, take your data with you, share with who you like. Spend your time pursuing your career, not pushing paper.
Let us help guide your career progression and pathway.

Stay organised

Never miss an expiring qualification again.
Connect with recruiters, employers, managers, training providers.

All your documents, secure & on-hand

A next-generation digital wallet for you to safely keep all your qualifications, certificates, visas, and travel documents. Available in seconds, whenever and wherever you need them.