About us

Dan Armsden on Jun 17, 2021

Crewdentials was founded in early 2020 by Dan Armsden and James Benns. The founders share a passion for utilising intuitive software to simplify mundane, error-prone or complex tasks, freeing up valuable time for users.

Dan's background in the maritime industry includes time at sea in the deck and engineering departments as well as time ashore heading up a crew management team for over 100 vessels. A self-proclaimed Excel geek with an eye for detail, Dan loves breaking down a problem to its true core, before working out a solution.

James brings a wealth of software development expertise to the team, working both as a freelancer and with globally recognised brands throughout his career. We don't think it is possible to rattle James. He always remains cool and calm with an enviable ability to come up with the simplest of solutions to a complex problem.

Crewdentials HQ is in Guernsey with an expanding team of Guernsey, UK and USA based enthusiastic software developers, maritime specialists, legal professionals and successful business men and women. If you're keen to join us on our journey we would love to hear from you!

Where it all began

During a substantial project, a crew team led by our Crewdentials co-founder Dan Armsden were inundated with administrative work. This should have been a time for the team to be building relationship with their new client and crew. Instead many late nights entailed:

  • sifting through an inbox full of emails from clients and crew;
  • extracting data from incomplete or illegible PDF crew forms;
  • filtering through the certification received; have all certificates been received? Have not enough been received? Which ones expire? What is this type of certificate? Are they sufficient for the crew member’s role onboard the vessel?
  • verifying certification, employment history and background checks
  • entering a lot of data into the crew management system, whilst also keeping two other clients systems in sync.

It was during one of these many late nights, handling numerous print outs and working on multiple laptops, that helped form the idea behind Crewdentials…

Surely modern technology could be adopted to automate these mundane and error-ridden processes? Is there an existing system we could use to simplify these tasks? Can we look at other industries that rely on certified personnel for a solution and inspiration?"

After months of fruitless searching for a solution and inspiration, Crewdentials was founded with the vision to use technology to simplify the complex, create certainty and free up time for humans to do those things that only humans can do.