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Style guide

Logo usage

Under most circumstances, we will use the colourful Crewdentials logo with black writing as shown below:

Full colour Crewdentials logo

Where the logo appears on an image background or if the contrast is insufficient, one of the following variations may be used:

Monochromatic Crewdentials logo
Monochromatic Crewdentials logo (reversed)

Clear space buffers the logo from images, text, or other graphics that compromise its impact and visibility. The more breathing room you give our logo, the greater the impact it can have.The amount of clear space around the logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the 'Crewdentials' text.Where space is limited and the context is clear, the 'C' icon may be used on its own in any of its variations, however the colourful version always takes preference.

Full colour Crewdentials 'C'

Colour and typeface

Throughout our products, we use Crewdentials Blue HEX code #4b8bf4 for important elements and to draw attention:

Website style guide

Given the limitations of the original style guide colour palette and fonts, the new version of the website expands upon these limitations by using the cyan from the original logo gradient and the dark blue from the previous website footer.

The logo is either reversed out, or the C is rendered in the primary blue rather than the gradient for legibility reasons.

The Roboto font is only used for body copy in an attempt to get away from the dated aesthetic of Google Material Design.

Throughout the website sentence case is used for all headings, and ampersands are not to be used.

Logo downloads

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