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Collaboration announcement


Crewdentials today announced it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Aquator to jointly market their services in the yachting industry

Crewdentials is a software platform business reimagining the management of crew data for both maritime businesses and the crew themselves.  By entering this strategic arrangement with Aquator Marine, Crewdentials’ customers will be able to complement their crew management software with Aquator’s leading yacht management software.

Aquator Marine is a cross-platform solution which takes a holistic approach to yacht management which includes crew management. Crew are the backbone in the yachting industry and most often the management of crew data and the crew themselves is often overlooked.

The goals of both Crewdentials and Aquator Marine is to streamline the onboarding of crew, the management of crew certification and create an environment which promotes transparency, efficiency, and reliability. Collaborating with Crewdentials will create a seamless transfer from onboarding of crew to the day-to-day management as well as create awareness within the industry regarding digital adoption and the use of tech. Initially, both companies will provide their customers with referrals and bundled solutions, working towards a full integration between the systems in 2023 enabling their joint customers to unlock the benefits of a seamless interface and data transfers. Driving efficiency with reliable information and data whilst improving the safety and operation of the yacht and its crew.  

"We were delighted to be introduced to Aquator Marine and the team. Crewdentials is founded on the belief that in order to drive real and meaningful change in the maritime industry, software businesses need to work in close cooperation. By co-operating with businesses such as Aquator we can work towards offering an integrated solution to our customers, offering them best in class for all aspects of Superyacht management”

Dan Armsden, Co-Founder and Maritime Lead of Crewdentials.

“We are excited to announce the collaboration with Crewdentials, as they have a shared vision, approach developing technology solutions in a similar manner and have an aligned interest to drive innovation forward in the yachting industry.  Their crew related software solutions is comprehensive, complementary and we look forward to further develop joint opportunities and working together"

Gerben Visser, Founder & Ceo of Aquator Marine.

About Crewdentials

Crewdentials is a software platform reducing the headaches of crew admin, onboarding and compliance. Enabling maritime professionals to collaborate: avoiding repetitive processes, creating more accurate data and more efficiency. Enabling businesses to drive strategy and decisions in the knowledge that the data can be relied upon.

Collaboration on real time and accurate data replaces outdated data silos and linear processes of data and information sharing. Bringing innovation and interoperability to the management of crew data.  

Built by maritime, data protection and software specialists to enable crew and maritime businesses to focus their time and teams on what they do best: connecting with clients, progressing careers and building professional relationships.

About Aquator Marine

Aquator Marine was founded based on the belief that the power of yacht software is becoming increasingly more essential to yacht management. Accurate, timely and available information is critical to the safety, operability, and longevity of a yacht. Moreover, in business, we need to make informed decisions, at Aquator Marine, we believe the same principles apply to yacht management and we, therefore, believe there is a better way.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way people manage their yachts in a safer, more cost-effective and interactive way. We combined our passions, interests, and expertise in yachting, entrepreneurship, and technology to develop Yacht Software solutions.

Our company is headquartered in Singapore.

For more information about Aquator Marine visit its website at

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