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Mine's a Martini


Innovation and collaboration are fundamental pillars for us here at Crewdentials, so we’re always looking out for examples of each in the maritime industry

The “Martini” concept is the brainchild of two companies Servo Yachts & Shuttleworth Design, “Martini” is effectively a boat so smooth it won’t spill your cocktail (get it?). But how did this potentially game-changing tech come to be?

From self-driving cars, to reactive marine suspension

Californian David Hall, the founder of Servo Yachts, also set up Velodyne Lidar and invented a 3D vision system that catalysed the development of autonomous vehicles. Like this vision invention, the pontoon suspension system adjusts to feedback received in real-time based on a computer-automated electro-mechanical system. As an active technology it is faster than passive marine stabilisation devices that take more time to react to the motion of waves. The system requires very little power and no warm-up time or vacuum systems (like those required with gyroscopic stabilisers).

Bringing this incredible idea to UK based Shuttleworth Design - a company who are themselves known for innovation (trailblazing the early adoption of CAD or computer aided design - in the yacht building industry), David found a partner that truly recognised the potential of his vision.

And through that partnership, the world was able to experience a new kind of marine transport which might previously have been believed impossible

The “Martini” active suspension system has the potential to end sea-sickness, improve the safety of marine ambulances, increase the operating thresholds of rescue boats and so many other extraordinary applications.

It’s the culmination of an amazing idea and the will and conviction to bring it to reality through collaboration. You can see the system in action on the Martini 1.5 here.

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