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Two Fantastic New Features on Crewdentials for Crew


We wanted to share some exciting news. We've launched not one, but two, new features on Crewdentials for Crew!

Document Groups

Being able to group documents together (by type, or however you want) allows you to find the ones you need in a flash.

Keeping all your travel documents in one place means there's no need for last minute email searches - you have what you need at your fingertips. And remember, Crewdentials for Crew will notify you of any document that might be in danger of expiring too.

Whether it's a travel visa or a vaccination certificate - we've got your back.

QR Code Creation

A QR code is a little square symbol that can be scanned with any device that has a camera. It's a simple and clean way to offer access to the parts of your Crewdentials profile you've chosen to share.

And now you can make a great first impression using a QR code - generated right from your Crewdentials account, which you can add to your CV or business card. Log in to your account and try it today.

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