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Crewdentials free tiers


Being the generous bods that we are, there are 2 different versions of our Free Tier - External Users and Feature based

Free tier

External users  

External Users are those people that don’t work for one of our Customers but have been invited to collaborate with our Customers on joint crew or vessels. As an External User you will be able to collaborate and add/manage as many crew and vessels associated with our Customer as you like, free of charge.

You are not a Customer at that point, but we would love you to be.  If you have crew or vessels that you want to onboard or manage or you want to verify certificates that are unrelated to an existing Customer, feel free to do so.  This will activate your own Customer account. Our standard T&C along with everything you might need for data protection purposes, are available on our via our contact form.Depending on what you want to do within the Platform and which features you want to unlock, you will be on Free Tier or our Paid Tier (explained below).  


You can add an unlimited number of crew or vessels (yes, you read that correctly) and benefit from the basic but still super productive functions such as scanning certificates and extracting data, inviting and onboarding crew, managing their data, linking their accounts to yours to keep data in sync, organising by fleet or vessel. You can purchase qualification verification credits to use as you need them.  

Paid tier


The Free Tier is rather awesome and we truly believe you and your business will reap a whole range of benefits from using it. However, the full power of the platform, and what this means for you and your team's productivity and quality of service, can be accessed seamlessly. No paywalls and no need for credit cards. We will let you use the features and will get in touch during the first month to see how you are getting on. Our pricing is on our website so you have full transparency with no nasty surprises.

We won't list the features in detail here, but they include:

  • Reporting tools to bring your data to life, gain insights and identify risk areas and peak workloads;
  • Productivity tools such as inviting External Users, creating Employer pages to house specific documents such as crew handbooks, setting employment contract defaults, creating customised onboarding, automatic document generation for SEAs, LOAs, notices pulling through the latest version of data;
  • Compliance tools such as safe manning

We hope you love the system as much as we do and would love to hear from you. Any feedback or queries please contact us let us know.

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