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What is Crewdentials for Crew?


Crewdentials takes the headache away from managing crew data, so crew and maritime businesses can focus their time and teams on what they do best; connecting with clients, progressing careers and building professional relationships

The founders of Crewdentials are self-proclaimed tech and data security geeks. Coming from a seafaring background, but with shore based experience working in crew management, legal, data protection and web development, we have designed and built intuitive software that is fast, stable and easy to use. We believe in putting people first, delivering the best user experience possible, building trust and confidence, and promoting collaboration within the maritime industry.

Crewdentials for Crew

Is a free progressive-web-app to help crew stay organised and in control of their personal data throughout their career. Crew control access to their account, approving requests from organisations and creating shareable links via email or QR code. Manage your data in one place and keep all your maritime connections up to date.

Crewdentials for Managers

Is a subscription based crew management system with a big focus on saving time. Nobody enjoys filling out repetitive forms, re-profiling certificate lists or chasing expired documentation, so we built a system to largely automate these and many other tedious crew management tasks. Our aim is reduce the administrative onboarding time down from hours to just a few minutes per crew member.

We have a huge roadmap ahead and a growing list of well known maritime businesses supporting our vision. We’re always listening to crew and customer feedback which is playing a huge part in the future development of the Crewdentials platform.

Is it an app?

Crewdentials is built as a progressive web app, or PWA for short. PWAs are a relatively new concept combining the best of web apps and native apps (iOS and Android). We chose to use a PWA format to remove the initial barrier Managers may face when asking crew to download an unknown app on their device to fill out their joining information. PWAs are designed to use very little data, ideal for crew working at sea.

TIP: When you are logged in to your account on a mobile, click the share or menu button then “Add to Home Screen”. This creates a native app like experience and an icon on your device for ease of access.

Will you release iOS and Android apps?

Yes we will. Although we’re a big fan of PWAs, we understand that it may take a while for PWAs to catch on. We plan to launch our native apps by mid 2022.

How much does it cost me?

Nothing! It is free. We don’t believe in charging crew to store and manage their data, it just seems wrong.

So how do you make revenue?

By charging subscription fees to businesses that use Crewdentials to improve the way they manage their crew data.

Can anyone edit the information in my account?

No. Once you take ownership of your account, you take full control of your data.

When you approve a Connection (a business), you create a live link between your account and theirs. The Connection will receive and maintain a copy of your data. When you make changes to your account, your Connection can choose to sync or ignore those changes.

Connections can push documents and messages through to your account if you have approved them as a Connection. However, they cannot remove documents from your account once you have taken ownership of it.

What if I decline in invitation from a connection?

A Connection will only invite you to take ownership of an account if they already have a relationship with you, either directly or as a related party to your employment.

If you choose not to take ownership of your account, the data you provided to the Connection by other means (perhaps by email, paper or PDF forms) will still be maintained by the Connection and used in its day to day business functions. If you need to update your data (for example your address, bank details or certificates) you will need to send this to the Manager in some other way.

You can choose to take ownership of your account at any point in future, at which point your account will be populated with the most up to date information held by the Connection.

What happens after I leave employment?

The Connection will still have access to their own copy of your data, which they will maintain in accordance with their data retention policy.

You will retain full use of your account after employment. If you choose to stay connected with a Connection, perhaps for future employment opportunities, they will continue to have a live feed from your account.

Can I connect my account with other businesses?

Yes you can. This is exactly how we have designed the system to work. At any one time a crew member may be connected with a number of recruitment companies, a management company and possibly a payroll company. All these companies usually need access to the same or similar information from crew. So why enter and maintain this information in multiple systems?

We’re working hard to make Crewdentials available to all maritime businesses. Our vision is for crew to register with a maritime business by simply linking their Crewdentials account and answering a few additional questions. Thereby always maintaining ownership of their data.

How secure is my account?

Your data is always encrypted in transit and at rest. Multi factor authentication is compulsory for every account.

Our system has been stress tested by external specialists with no vulnerabilities found. We are happy to share the results of these tests upon request.

Can I trust you with my data?

Absolutely! We are building this business upon trust with our users and aspire to be as transparent and consumer focused as Apple.

Within the founding team at Crewdentials we have a qualified lawyer and data protection specialist. We’d be more than happy to answer any technical questions you may have.

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