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How to get your dream maritime job with Crewdentials!


Finding a job in the maritime sector, be it on a super yacht or commercial vessel, isn’t always that easy

Wether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the likes of Below Deck have fuelled a surge of new talent in the maritime industry, meaning it can be challenging to stand out from the rest when you are looking for your next maritime/superyacht job.

Co-founder of Crewdentials, Dan Armsden, knows exactly what makes all the difference when it comes to choosing the best candidates:

I’ve seen a lot of maritime CVs throughout my career in crew management and it can be extremely difficult to select the best applicants. People often put a lot of effort into CV’s which are far too easily overlooked when it comes to finding the most suitable candidates fast - sometimes you just want the facts.

Recruiters and managers alike have told us that it can be confusing and time consuming trying to determine exactly what qualifications and experience each individual has when they receive so many resumes in different formats.

There are an abundance of great recruiters and online platforms that help you find your ideal job in the maritime industry, but proving yourself to be a professional and competent seafarer is becoming increasingly important and difficult. Dan adds:

Yachts and commercial vessels alike love to see that a crew member takes responsibility for themselves when it comes to keeping track of the relevant certification. You wouldn’t believe how often we received incorrect or expired documents!

This was partly what inspired Dan’s vision for Crewdentials. A shareable and independent profile where seafarers can organise their documentation themselves and be notified if anything needs attention.

We don’t think the days of CV’s are over - it can be a great way to show your personality and talk about your experience in detail, but if you want to present your credentials in a smart way that people will thank you for, then you need a Crewdentials profile too! You can even embed your Crewdentials QR code into your CV so that anyone reading it can examine your documents with ease.

So wether you are a captain or a steward, a chef or a deckhand, an engineer or a purser, how about using Crewdentials to create an impression and prove that you are an astute, forward thinking professional?

Good luck securing that dream job and please let us know if Crewdentials helped you!

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