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  • Do you want to contact someone to make an appointment to see a piece of software in action?
  • Do you want to answer lots of questions about your business, your role and your budget?
  • Do you want to wait a week until the demo?
  • Do you want to sit on a demo call where you are asked yet more discovery questions?
  • Do you want a demo scheduled for a particular time and date?
  • Do you want a passive experience, being shown a generic demo filled with features that a salesperson wants you to see?  

No? Us neither. Lets be frank. We want you to buy our software. But we don’t really want to sell it to you. Instead we would 💙LOVE💙 you to discover its productivity, features and what this could mean for you, your business and crew in your own time, using your own use cases.  

Sign up here for an account (make sure you select “I am a Manager”) and you will enter on Demo Mode so you can play with the data (you can always restore the demo data at any point), practice with the features and imagine how much better your productivity and satisfaction at work would be if you used Crewdentials. We are building some great guides within the system to show you how best to use the features, but they can be requested via our contact form any point to help you or, dare we say it, give you a demo...

We have switched off a few features such as inviting a crew member and ask that if you add or change any data, it is purely fictional).

If you want to add real data, switch off Demo Mode at the top of the screen. Your free trial of **all** our super functionality will begin and we will be in touch within the first month to see how you are getting on. Our standard T&C along with everything you might need for data protection purposes, are available on our website or via contact form. We will always have a free tier of features available which you can read about in our other blog post.

We would love to hear from you with any feedback or queries.

Thanks so much

👋 The Crewdentials Team 👋

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